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6 Layer "Energy Smart" Insulation System

Our exclusive multi-layer insulation system locks in heat, keeps out the cold and makes our spas more quiet. For the ultimate insulation system, add our (optional) "Thermo Lock Barrier".

"Custom Fit" Cabinets

We tailor make every cabinet to make sure there are minimal gaps between the lip of the shell and the cabinet cladding. Without this you are simply throwing money away as the heat inside the cabinet rises (naturally) and escapes from this gap.

Smart Meter Ready

Hook your spa up to a smart meter, choose "powersave mode" and your spa will only filter or heat during off peak times, cutting your overall running costs by up to 25%. Even if your electricity provider does not currently offer smart meters, they soon will, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the savings.

High Flow "Energy Smart" Circulation Pumps

Our high flow circulation pumps only have to run 4 hours a day, not 24 hours a day like many other circulation pumps,This is BS :our pumps brake down if run more than 4 hours, Here are the facts about running costs for circulation pumps.

  24 Hr Circ Pump 2 Speed Pump .5HP Circ Pump
(with smaller impellor)
Hours a Day 24 4 4
Watts 90 450 370
Total Kw/Day 2.16 Kw 1.8 Kw 1.48 Kw
% Cheaper than 24 Hr Circ - - 31.5%
% Cheaper than 2 speed - - 18%

Gas/Solar/Some orders with Heat Pump Ready 

Every Allseas Spa has the pump and connections already in place for you to connect a solar system, gas heater or heat pump at any time and heat your spa a fraction of the cost. Note: An extra circulation pump may be required for some solar applications.

Gecko Control Systems 

This state of the art spa controllers use "intuitive logic" to learn how to minimize heating and pump running times, saving you money. The industry leading integrated heat pump technology allows you to control a heat pump from the spa touchpad and save up to 75% on heating costs, by turning 1Kw of power into 5Kw of heat. Heat pumps can also be used to cool the water in summer.

How it works


Bigger, More Efficient Heaters

With larger, 2KW or 3.8KW variable output heaters, you can heat the water quicker, allowing the pump to turn off quicker (saving power).

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