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  • After Sales 24/7 Available Service

    Allseas Spas; the company with its own Production (Swim-) Spas and also for the after sales service for most brands! 

    Besides our Spa and Swim Spa series (approx. 160 units), we have a large stock of components for all brands of spas, with the best price and the CE-warranty, available in our warehouse.

  • Quality Build From The Best Materials

    American made “Aristech” or “Lucite®” acrylic surface. Hand painted pure vinyl ester resin for adhesion. Sprayed layer of vinyl ester resin/fibreglass composite. Marine grade polyester resin/fibreglass composite for strength. 2nd layer of polyester resin/fibreglass composite. High density closed cell (waterproof) foam insulation.

    High density thermo-wood cabinet cladding 12 mm thick high density PE foam sheeting “Thermo wrap“ insulation Fibreglass or ABS base High density foam on the base (most spas) “Thermo wrap “ or “ Thermo foil “ 3 layer insulation High density closed cell foam on the shell. 7 High density lockable hard cover.

  • Materials From The Best Source

    Allseas Spas provide superior quality by using Lucite® cast acrylic for making the very highest quality Spas. Our 6 layer laminated “Tough Bond” shells are one the thickest shells available (8-10mm thick) and our oven curing process ensures your shell is as strong as possible.

    Lucite® cast acrylic comes with Microban® which inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause odor, stains and product degeneration. And the protective effects do not wear off over time because the Microban® antimicrobial protection is built into the Lucite® acrylic sheet at the time of manufacture to give a permanent effect.

  • Network Our Network Around The World

    Allseas Spas & Wellness bv , a company with an international network all around the world!

    We are well known from Australia to Hawaii……

    We also work together with a lot of international partners to help and to serve you…

  • Delivery We Always Deliver

    All of our Spas, hot tubs and SwimSpas are delivered by huge ships and trucks to our depot here at Allseas Spas Bleiswijk in Holland or directly to your address. Most of ours SwimSpas are shipped on a special metal carrier pallet!

    You would be surprised to see where we have placed some of our Spas and SwimSpas, half way up a mountain, craned over the top of a hotel, on an Alpine balcony in the snow.

    Every Spa or SwimSpa comes with a Winter Skin.

  • Our Service The Best Service Around
    Allseas Spas & Wellness, the company with its own production (Swim-) Spas and aftersales service for all other brands.

    Beside 3 series Spas and 3 series Swimspas (stock Bleiswijk, NL 150 pcs. and 60 pcs. Swimspas) we have stored a large stock of parts, covers and filters.

    We have the “best price guarantee” and we buy OEM because we are 100% owned by an international Holding.

    We are proud to deliver to dealers or agents into 50 countries.

    There is an international team to help you and to serve you for 24/7.

  • Our Team The Team We Build Over The Years

    The last few years have been a constructive period to our . Combining technical with a visionary understanding of wellness and its market, we made an beginning. team expertise excellent

    Completed with a high standard service, experience, international communication (7 languages), training and support for our customers, our team is fully equipped to be 24/7 at your service.

  • Our Future Innovation

    Allseas Spas is designed to deliver the ultimate hydro therapeutic massage, exclusive systems and components. We use the most leading and energy saving technologies.

    Our energy saving insulation system makes Allseas Spas the best insulated Spas in the world. The self cleaning jets are innovative as well as carefully selected for the best ergonomics.

  • Cheaper to Run

    Dedicated research and an absolute commitment to innovation and total quality supported by a thorough understanding of the market, A growing range of products is the secret of our Holland based Spa brand.

    This is Allseas Spas: a modern , well organised company, which specialises in the design, manufactoring and sales. Allseas Spas is using the best components from around the world. Including American acrylics, Canadian control systems, Canadian jets , German silicone and UK glues etc. Over 70% key materials are imported.

  • Easier to Maintain

    Our focus is to offer the most innovative designs, provide a wonderful hot tub experience, costing less to operate, and require the least amount of maintenance.

    Our Spas combine the most advanced spa technology with world-class construction techniques to ensure your enjoyment for years to come.

  • Built to Last
    Dozens of pulse, swirl, deep tissue and air massage jets have been precisely positioned to target muscles in your back, neck, shoulder, legs and feet (never on the spine) and create an awesome hydro-massage experience. Pick your favorite fragrance of build-in aromatherapy. Then Relax and enjoy the moment.
  • A Better Massage
    Our collection of Spas and SwimSpas stands for simplicity in design, features and usage. We are pioneers in designing , developing and manufacturing Spas and SwimSpas. Indeck and portable. Most of our models have been designed for avant garden, minimalist and modern surroundings. Endless and diverse massages are beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Enjoy all of our Allseas Spas Products!
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