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Broad Stream "Aqua-massage" Jets

Most jets have small and / or straight water nozzles that dig into your back and are uncomfortable and annoting. Our broad stream jets distribute the water more evenly and our customers regularly tell us how much nicer our jets feel.

Create the Perfect massage

Dozens of pulse, swirl, deep tissue and air massage jets have been precisely positioned to target muscles in your back, neck, shoulder, legs and feet (never on the spine) and create an awesome hydro-massage experience. Move the "easy swap" jets around the spa to create the exact massage you want in the seat you want to sit in. You can also adjust the strength of individual jets as well as using seat by seat massage controllers to get the jet strength just right. Then relax and enjoy.

Powerful, High Performance "Quiet Flo" Pumps

Spa Net pumps are quiet and very powerful, especially when combined with our "free flow" plumbing system that uses 50mm flexible plumbing and minimal sweeping (not 90 degree) elbows.

More quiet Operation

To achieve total relaxation you need peace and quiet. Allseas Spas are known as building one of the worlds quietest spas by using quality pumps with special anti-vibration pump mounts and locking in noise with our 6 stage insulation system.

More Comfortable

When you sit in a filled spa you realise that lay back and curved seats make you float and that most spa seats are not comfortable. The shaping of our seats helps you stay in place – making sure the jets hit the right spots and allowing you to relax and enjoy your spa. We have also designed all of our spas to offer extra room for your feet and more space overall, check the size of your footwell when doing your shopping.

Total Relaxation

Surround yourself with essential oil aromatherapy, the sounds of a trickling waterfall, mood lighting and your choice of sound system to create the perfect mood and achieve total relaxation.

Crystal Clear, Chlorine Free Water

Our Dynamic Water Management System with CD ozone, mixing chamber, dual pump twin cartridge filter system, "Smart Flow Valve", high flow circulation pump, optional "Micro Filter" and one-touch "Cleanup Cycle" all make keeping your spa clean and clear as easy as possible.

And to make it even simpler, we have created our own natural spa sanitation system that replaces harsh chemicals and corrosive salts and stops skin and eye irritations and bad odourless.

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