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"Set and Forget" Multi-Function Control System

After initial setup, however, your spa will remember your settings and you'll only have to turn on the jets, air blower and lights, knowing your spa will be the right temperature, clean and ready to enjoy 24 hours a day. This system also boasts a handy "lockout" mode (to keep out the kids or neighbours), "sleep" mode (to put your spa to sleep) and a "cleanup" cycle to refresh your spa after use.

Dynamic Water Management System

  • Dual Pump "Smart Flow" Filter system

    To maximize water quality and filtration, Allseas Spas run two pumps through the 100 sq ft filter system, giving you a major boost when the spa is in use.

  • Smart Flow Boost Valve

    Allseas Spause a patented "swing valve" in the plumbing to minimise water bypasses the filters. This clever valve also protects your pump and family by opening if the filters or suctions are blocked.

  • High Flow .5HP "Energy Smart" Circulation Pump

    Unlike a 24 hour circulation pump (which lacks significant flow), our high flow circulation pumps keeps the water surface cleaner and water quality better. Our super reliable circulation pumps use a slightly smaller impellor to reduce pump stress, noise and power consumption.

  • "Puresafe" Ozone System with Mixing Chamber

    Ozone, when used correctly, is a powerful maintenance free and proven water treatment system that is used in over 95% of spas worldwide. The key to any good ozone system is a mixing chamber that ensures the ozone gas is fully utilized before re-entering the spa so it doesn't damage covers and headrests.

  • Optional Silver Ion (Microban) Filters

    You can choose to use a standard 50 micron "pleated" filter with your boost pump and a 1 micron "silver ion" micro filter with your circulation pump. These disposable cartridges are up to 50 times more effective at removing minute particles to provide the ultimate water clarity. They don't need to be cleaned and soaked (just surface sprayed) and with anti bacterial properties, these filter cartridges reduce chemical use.

Easy to Swap, Self Cleaning, Bearing - less Jets with PVC Body's

Ask anyone who has owned a spa and they'll tell you that the bearings get clogged and stop spinning, the clips that hold the jets in place break and the back of the jets disintegrate. "Aqua-ssage" jets are self cleaning, bearing-less jets that spin on a floating stainless steel shaft. With a screw-in mechanism they are easy to remove and don't rely on clips to stay in. And the PVC body means there is no chance of damage from chemicals.

Low Maintenance Cabinet

Unlike timber cabinets which require staining and oiling, our cabinet pannel is made from a synthetic material that only requires regular wash. With every panel removable, you can repair damaged panels at any time.

Allseas Spas Sanitation System

Our exclusive spa sanitation system is chlorine and salt free and has no odours. More importantly it is safe for your family and is easier to use.

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